A seller has accepted an offer on the home you want to buy. Congratulations! While you may want to move into your new home right away, most buyers have a long waiting period before they finally get the keys. Most buyers, however, make plans for the way they want their new home to look, which is why we’ve compiled these tips for sellers to increase a home’s curb appeal for only a few dollars:

Paint the Front Door

A fresh coat of paint on the front door can make a home feel more like your own, as well as add some fresh curb appeal. A bright color that contrasts well with your exterior and trim will make your house stick out. Best of all, exterior paint only runs around $30 a gallon.

Swap Out Your Mailbox

Another way to make a home stand out: Purchase a new mailbox. Whether it’s a mounted unit or at the end of the road, the right mailbox can add character to any home. Just be sure you’re following all local regulations before you install it.

Plant a Tree

Adding to the landscaping always improves curb appeal, and trees are the gift that keeps on giving. Choose two trees to frame your entryway, but be sure to consider how they will affect your home as it ages. In other words, don’t plant a tree that gets 40 feet tall next to your front porch.

Make Flower Boxes

Hanging boxes and planters make any home appear more cheerful from the road – the more blooms, the better! Just remember that you have to water the plants to maintain curb appeal, so this is a good option for those with green thumbs.