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Direct: 615-829-7171
Cell: 865-266-9856
NMLS 995092

Gina Quarles has proven herself an asset to First Choice Lending from the moment she started work. Her dedication, willingness to go above and beyond her duties, and general good spirits have been infectious, leading to better productivity and better moods throughout the company.

First Choice is proud to offer extensive mortgage and loan solutions to help homeowners and potential home buyers alike. They are based in Nashville and Knoxville, and serve clients throughout all of Tennessee and Kentucky. First Choice Lending offers recognized loans such as Freddie Mac and NHA loans, as well as somewhat less common home purchasing investment loans and loans for the self-employed.

Gina Quarles is a successful agent, her good spirits and genuine enjoyment of her work allowing her to connect with her clients. This allows Gina to better understand exactly what her clients need and what loan products might be best for each situation. She can also create a customized loan product if existing loan options do not suit her client’s needs.

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Gina worked tirelessly with her team to help my husband and I find a loan that would work for our seemingly impossible scenario. We are so happy to be free of the renting loop-dee-loop of uncertainty and instability. We feel secure and like we have made an investment in our future for us and our children. We are so thankful for Gina and all her hard work to make our dreams come true. -Carly

I just want to let everyone know that Gina always goes above and beyond to help anyone. I wouldn’t have been able to purchase a home without her help ! She’s done an amazing job and I’ve loved working with her this year ! Thank you so -Holly

I’m a Realtor with ADARO Realty and I’ve been working with Gina Quarles for a couple years now. She’s able to get loans for my clients that most lending specialist aren’t even close to helping with. Gina is very efficient , professional and an absolute asset to my business. I would highly recommend her as your loan specialist. -Lisa

I would refer this company, we worked with Gina Quarles she was awesome, very professional, I would most definitely use them again. -Charles