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Clients of First Choice Lending are scattered throughout the states of Tennessee and Kentucky, more heavily concentrated in Nashville and Knoxville, the sites of the company headquarters. Cory knew when he moved to the area that he wanted to help the people in his community by using his knowledge and experience with the mortgage industry in the service of First Choice Lending.

Since the company first opened its doors, it has attracted a great number of highly experienced individuals, including men and women from many different sectors of the finance industry and beyond. The unifying factor for all of these employees is their ability and desire to help first-time home buyers to decide upon a home and navigate the process of making a purchase.

Cory Hyberger joined the company with experience in several different types of loans. He also has a creative mind that helps him devise the best loan product for his clients, developing a personalized plan for each client that meets their individual needs. Cory’s efforts have greatly influenced the success of the company.