100% Financing for Homes in Tennessee and Kentucky


family1If you have not yet heard of a loan program that offers 100% financing for homes for residents of Tennessee and Kentucky, you are not alone.

In fact, what most people don’t know is that 75% of all homes actually qualify for a 100% loan, with absolutely no down payment. The requirements – for example, a credit score of at least 620 – are quite simple.

  • If you are looking to finance 100% of your home’s purchase through a First Choice Lending loan, here is what you should know:

    • No down payment
    • No prepay penalty
    • 30 year loan repay
    • Fixed loan, so you will always know your rate
  • The baseline requirements for a First Choice Lending loan are as follows:

    • No bankruptcies 2 years prior
    • to applying for a loan
    • No foreclosures 3 years prior
    • to applying for a loan
    • A minimum credit score of 620
    • Rural or suburban property
  • family2With First Choice Lending Services, you can be a first-time buyer or a repeat buyer – it doesn’t matter which, as long as you don’t currently own a home. This stipulation is more flexible than you might imagine, however, because with First Choice Lending, you can coordinate the dates around closing the sale on your old home. So as long as your new home financing does not start before your previous sale closes, you can qualify.

    For people who make less than $98k per year, First Choice Lending is an excellent option for financing a new home, with no homeowner counseling necessary.

    First Choice Lending homeowner loans are an ideal way for potential homeowners who have had past trouble to start fresh and settle down in a rural or suburban home in Kentucky or Tennessee. If you struggled with bankruptcy 3 years ago and are hoping to start over, a First Choice Lending loan could be the way for you to become a homeowner again.